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Greek Shoe Traditions for the Bride

Shoes with Money Inside

“The groom buys the bride’s shoes and sends the gift with money inside the shoes to the bride’s house on their wedding day.”   ♦ Did your husband send the gift over to you or did he give you the bridal shoes in person? ♦


Greek Evil Eye

For the longest time the evil eye talisman has been worn or placed on walls or doors to ward off the ill intent of others. In this video Helen shares with you her experiences and uses of the evil eye while growing up in her Greek Cypriot culture. Please visit Helen’s website at and follow her on Twitter at


Greek Culture Today

Rome 2 had a amazingly huge announcement today! The Greek state culture pack was shown which is going to make many people happy. Plus the very limited collectors edition is shown. Although it’s pricey, the limited status would make it worth while for those who are long term fans of the series. It’s going to be awesome! Links: Collectors Edition- Pre-order bonuses- Rome 2 Factions- My PC build: –Intel I5 3570 Quad Core- 3.4Ghz –Nvidia Geforce- MSI GTX 660 Ti (2gb) Twin Frozr OC –Corsair Vengeance 2×4 GB DDR3 –Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD –600W Pwr Supply –ASUS P8Z77-V LX MOBO –Sharkoon T9 Case –Windows 8 Robbie’s Channel: